Making the most of 2021

Welcome to 2021🎊🎊🎉🎉

I know it’s not too late to wish you all a happy new year. I pray that the God who has kept watching over us thus far will remain our shield and security!

2020 was a whole lot, a lot of plans got cancelled and people never thought the year will go as it did. But if there’s one thing that I know happened, it’s that God was faithful!!!! And that’s why it’s quite logical that we do something different with this new year!

It’s like God has given all of us a fresh start, a clean slate and we have to use it wisely. And so I’ll just be listing a few points I’ve decided to run with this year and I now you can also learn from.

1. Start with God!!!!! I’m not sure this can be overemphasized, but really all we need is God. I know 2020 actually thought me that, God is the only constant in our lives. And so it’s wise that we start this new year with him, He should guide us on what steps to take, what business to venture into and so on. We do this by seeking the face of God through His word and prayers!!!!

Don’t take any step without asking God for his ideas concerning it, don’t make any move without letting God know that you plan on doing it; don’t do those things and then regret the decision later on.

2. Spend time with loved ones : The way the world is now and with the news we constantly hear, it’s obvious that we need to spend more time with our loved ones and share many more memories with them. Take pictures together, go on family trips, go to the beach with your friends.

3. Manage your time wisely: there’s no time to waste time any more. Everything is moving so fast and no one is really waiting for any one. Get out there and do what you’re meant to do. Start that business, learn that skill you’ve always wanted to learn, just keep moving and growing!

I hope these few points have been able to help us know what to focus on this new year and I really pray we have a fabulous year ahead!!!

Till next time ❤️


Even as we have gracefully entered the second half of this year 2020, I want us to quietly answer these questions. What is your inner dialogue, what conversations have you been having with yourself, what have you kept your heart/ mind and thoughts stayed on concerning the year or even in regards to what God has said concerning you or what God has told you.

John said about Jesus that as many as believed in Him he gave them power to become (John 1:12 ). This clearly shows that we become what we believe. We become what we hold as our impression of what life should be, we become what we think about ourselves, we become what we believe about ourselves.

A whole lot may have happened but greater things are still going to happen, if only we can change our thoughts, perception and perspective about life.

The Bible still remains our standard, the unchanging ever constant standard, the Bible remains the truth no matter what is happening around us. So let’s fix our gaze our minds and our thoughts on what God has said in this second half of the year.

It will still happen!!!! It will still come to pass!!!

Don’t lose hope, don’t give up!!!!

God is up to the task He will do what He says!!!!

So keep your inner dialogue as positive and hopeful as you can, keep your thoughts renewed daily by the word of God and I believe we would all have reasons to testify!!!!

Till next time❤️


What You Have Is Enoughh!!!!!

Some days ago, about 2 weeks ago while I connected to our weekly service at church a testimony was shared and a phrase from that testimony stuck with me; the testified said “all I heard/ had was enough for me”. The testified herself had connected to one of the services and she heard a word from God and that was all she needed to receive her healing.

All I heard/ had was enough for me!!!!!!

Those were her words, what she heard was enough for her, it was more than enough cause she received the healing that she had been looking for.

Are there not times where we clearly know that God has told us something but we try to hear some other thing to determine whether we take steps or make that move, but just like the testified shared all she heard was enough.

What has God told you,what has He instructed you to do, what assignment has He given you to carry out, what’s that thing that you know you should be doing, but you think you’ve not “heard” enough to do, why not take that first step. Start with what you’ve heard and I’m too sure God will keep telling you more.

One thing that I constantly hear is that God will not give you more or tell you more unless He sees what you’ve done with what He already told you to do. So many of us want to know the next step, the next move, the next big thing, but what exactly have we done with the current thing.

God has told you, nudged you through His spirit in you to start that blog, start that business, talk to that person, open up about that thing, be there for that person; what you’ve currently heard is actually enough for you to take that step.

I remember how I was always constantly thinking that God needed you give me in full details what I needed to to before taking steps with regards to my blog. I knew God told me to start writing, not cause it was something I always wanted to do, I would never have opted to start a blog, but it was a nudge and I took a step towards it, but I wasn’t focused on it, cause I felt I really needed to hear more, I felt what I heard was not enough, I felt God needed to tell me more before I took it serious. But a friend encouraged me to actually just take a step, he told me to just start writing and I’ve chosen to do that. And I’m not totally satisfied right now, but I’m definitely at peace doing what I know I heard.

It’s really important that at this moment you take out time to think about those things that you know you actually heard from God, those things that you know God actually told you but you’ve been delaying cause you want to get more. Take that first step, make that first move and I’m sure God will keep unfolding more to you.

Little by little till you get there!!

I hope you’ve been blessed by this blog post, kindly share your thoughts about it, share, like and also comment.

Till next time!! ❤️


Come As You Are

Hey lovelies, i think it’s not too late to say Happy New Month and to remind you that God loves you!!!!!! I really hope you know that and I hope you believe it also. Even if you don’t, it’s not too late to believe it; that God ( the Almighty, Creator of the Universe) loves you dearly.

And God wants you to come to him just as you are, no coverup , no pretense , no makeup. Just bare and natural as you are, flaws and all.

I learn a whole lot from my Bible studies and this is another thing I learnt recently about our posture in prayer.

I know growing up and while learning about growing spiritually, we’ve been told over and over how we must maintain a particular posture or position when we are praying. How if we don’t maintain that posture the right way, God won’t hear us. We would just be talking but it won’t pass the ceiling… LOL. While it’s important that we maintain a connected heart while praying, it’s also important to note that whatever posture you take while praying is also important.

I am not saying we shouldn’t maintain that serious approach while praying, I’m not saying we shouldn’t be focused while praying, but we all know there will be times where we won’t always be in that “comfortable” place to take such positions, where we would need to talk to God in whatever state we find ourselves

This was David, and he was in a situation where he was running for his life, when Saul was after him to kill him, but even in that state David still recognized that there was only one person that could help Him and He always ran to God .

In the verse above he says that when he was in terrible trouble , some verses say it’s when he was in distress ( when I was troubled, scared, worried, anxious), I did the only thing I knew could help I called out to you, I prayed, I talked to God. And even from His Holy Temple, from His sanctuary in that my troubled state He heard me and then He even answered me! Meaning he gave me my desires, he fulfilled what I told him about at that time .

I remember a particular day while coming back from an outing with my parents and siblings, we got to a part of the road where there was traffic, so we had to wait for some of the other cars to go before we passed, at that particular time, we noticed a trailer coming down the road and from the distance we knew that the brake had failed, none of us in the car actually knew what to do, but all that I remembered that I was saying that day was the Name of Jesus, and before long we actually noticed that the driver of the trailer got diverted to the middle barricade on the road, it might seem coincidental or it might look like the driver was just smart to know what to do, but I know God heard me when I called on Him.

I don’t know what you might be going through right now, I don’t know what state or place you may be, I don’t even know how you may be handling the current news and information going around, but one thing I want you to know is that God hears you, when you don’t know what else to do, or you’re not sure of how you’ll even come out of that situation, call on God, just come to Him as you are and just as He answered David, you can be sure and confident that He would also hear you!

You see why I started this blog post with telling you how God loves you, God loves you very much and he wants you to come to HIM as you are, talk to Him in whatever state you find yourself. Just talk to Him, He heard David and He will also hear you!! He is still the same yesterday, today and forever!

I really hope this blogpost helped you, please share, like and comment,

Till next time ❤️


God is GOOd

That’s Our God always GOOD!!!!!

This is one phrase that I know we have heard countless times and even said to ourselves over and again. I clearly remember that Don Moen song that says “ God is good all the time, he put his song of praise in this heart of mine” it was definelty one of my all time favorites while growing up.

Even in church the caller says: God is good and we respond with All the time.

But do we really believe it, have we gotten past the stage of just knowing this phrases to truly experiencing what we’ve been saying all this years.

As believers and children of the most high our standard is and should remain the Bible, that should be our yardstick for what we believe and rely on.

This is Gods word!!!!!!

The scriptures says here that God is good to everyone, not to some people, not to the most spiritual ones, not to the pastors only. God is good to every single person that He has created. I know this is something I struggled with believing, cause it just seemed like God had some selected few that were his favourites. But the day I saw this verse my whole perspective changed!!!!!!!

I got to truly believe that God is good to me, it might not be as I would have assumed it should be, but He still remains good and he’s also ready and willing to shower( pour, lavish, rain) on me his compassion.

Gods word remains superior to any other thing we might feel has been our reality. Gods word should be our REALITY!!!!!

So my advise is that we keep this word in our hearts, let’s believe it, let’s pray it, let’s speak it until we see the full manifestation in our lives. And I pray God will grant us our desires.

Till next time.❤️

The Name of the Lord

Everyone has a name and when people see us that’s what they identify us with, our names. Our name could be English or based on our various nationalities or ethnic groups. But one thing about a name is that they all have meanings.

The name we were given could have been as a result of the circumstances of birth or at that particular moment.

Like a child bearing Oluwaseyifunmi which means God has done this for me; The parent could have been waiting for a while and when that child eventually came. They decided to ascribe all the glory back to God by giving the child a name that shows that.

Like Sarah that named her child Isaac which means will laugh, was as a result of the circumstance around his birth. So we see that every single name has a meaning and that meaning most times brings hope and joy to those who hear it.

Just as we are given at least two names as humans our Heavenly Father God has so many names; right from the Old Testament of the Bible till the New Testament we saw how the people of old gave names based on their experiences with God at that particular time. And each of those names can be our banner when we need God in that particular area.

Gods name is what we can identify Him as, if Gods name is Jehovah Jireh, my provider then that’s who He is, if Gods name is Jehovah Nissi, my banner that’s who He Is and so on. Whatsoever name you know of God , whatever name you can identify Him as is who He is to you.

I saw something in Proverbs18:10 which says The name of the Lord is a strong tower, the righteous run to it and are safe!!!!! That’s a very beautiful verse and one that we can also hold on to as believer at each point in time. And this isn’t my first time of reading this verse but on this particular day I didn’t read it as just what I could see.

When we say the name of the Lord it could be so vague to us, but I got a deeper understanding that each of the names that God has is actually the strong tower that we can run to.

God is our Sustainer, our strength, our shield, our helper, He is a Jehovah Shammah, He is Jehovah Rohi, He is Elshaddai, He is Elohim, He is Adonai and so on.

So why not make a list of those names, and put them in that particular scripture, so when a need arises you remember the name of God and you know that’s who He is in that particular situation and you can rely on Him to express himself to you in that situation.

This is just a short list I made!!!

Don’t forget JEHOVAH is your strong tower, you can run to Him and be safe!!!!!

Who is God to you right now in the season you are in?

God bless you. Till next time!!!! ❤️

Happy New Year!!!!!

Hi guys!!!! Happy New year, I actually guess it’s not too late to wish you all a happy New year 😂I pray that all that God has reserved for this year will find full expression in our lives.

Happy New Month also 😁

If there’s anything i noticed about the month of January was a lot of spiritual exercises in various churchs; 21 days of prayer and fasting, vigils, and many more which I believe a lot of people have used to set the tone for 2020. I pray all our prayers and requests will receive speedy answers.

But much more important was the spiritual exercises we engaged in during that period. I know a lot of us prayed like never before, we studied and listened to messages, fellowshipped with the brethren and much more. Which was and will still remain vital requirements for this year.

One illustration that has stuck with me since the year began is that of a phone that is connected to the charger. When the battery of our phone goes low or flat we usually connect it to the charger (POWER) and as it’s connected it gets full. And then when we charge our batteries today, that doesn’t mean it will never go flat again, but it would, so we keep charging it, practically almost everyday because we are constantly using it.

I saw prayer, fasting and studying of God’s word, as my spiritual battery which must constantly remain charged. The more I pray the more charged I become(power i generate) and the more results I get from the altar of prayer and so it is with fasting. So it’s not enough to have joined our various churches in this spiritual exercise it’s wisdom to continue even when the church doesn’t call a joint fast or prayer session, as an individual remain charged.

Leviticus 6:13 says the Fire shall ever be burning upon the altar; it shall never go out.

We must keep the fire burning on our spiritual life all through the year. The way we get restless when our phone battery is low, and can’t wait to get it charged, lets also get working on our spiritual lives.Because that will always remain our spiritual power bank.

My advise really to all of us, myself inclusive is don’t relent in your pursuit of God this year, keep the fire burning, keep engaging and building yourself up.

Thanks for reading.

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The TOTAL Christian.

It’s not enough to call yourself a Christian, you must grow/develop Christian qualities.

I believe as Christians, it’s important we grow in our walk with God, we need to develop daily in Christian qualities. That’s one of the reasons that Christ came, so we can look like HIM more and more.

2Peter1:1-21 talks expressly about these different qualities that we need to have a believers.

The passage talks about the different qualities we develop along the way, when we develop one, the next thing we notice is that the next quality comes along. They are in stages and we must grow in each of these stages. If we even pay close attention to these things, we will see that they are the things that made Jesus who He was, they are qualities that distinguished Him from every other person.

I’ll make a list of these qualities as stated in the passage and briefly explain each.

1. Faith: this is the mother of all belief. We know that without faith it is impossible to please God (Hebrews 11:6) and I am not shocked that that’s the first quality that was mentioned. This is what our whole Christian journey is based on. This is our distinguishing factor from every other religion. What and In Whom we have BELIEVED.

2. Virtue: once you’ve diligently worked on your faith, you add to it virtue. So it’s not like we are just developing these qualities, they are based on other qualities. It’s like they can’t do without the other. Virtue; moral excellence, praise.

3. Knowledge: what we know as believers determines how much we do and how much exploit we command. So we need to grow in our knowledge and understanding of who God is and also of who we are.

4. Self control: the more you know, the more you know what you need to focus on. And don’t forget our knowing here is based on our knowledge of God. We are talking about spiritual insight here. So as we know more of God, we know where we needs to put in a guard/ security.

5. Patience: perseverance, this is one quality that adds to your faith. You know when God has made you a promise. Most times you don’t get the result of that promise the next day or next week or even next year. Patience is what you need to have that will keep you going.

6. Godliness: Godly character, proof that it’s God you’re really following. Be ye Holy as your Father is Holy.

7. Brotherly kindness and charity: Whatever is done outside if love is futile, worthless. So we need to grow and develop our love tank!!!!

For if you possess these qualities, and if they continue to increase among you, they will keep you from being ineffective and unproductive in attaining a full knowledge of our Lord Jesus and Messiah 2Peter1:8 ISV

You see these qualities help us to grow in our knowledge and understanding of Jesus. It says if they continue to increase in you you won’t be ineffective in attaining FULL knowledge, which means you will have the grace and opportunity to know so much about Jesus.

For the person that lacks these qualities is blind and shortsighted, and has forgotten the cleansing that he has received from his past sins. 2Peter 1:9

So also the man the doesn’t develop these qualities will never attain the full level that God wants you to get to.

I honestly pray God grants each of us the grace we need to grow and mature in these qualities. So we don’t short changed that glorius plan that God has for us.

Thanks for reading. Don’t forget to share, like, cmoment. Till next time ❤

What really matters.


I believe the day we can boldly answer this question is the day we would know what to focus on. It is actually the day we would have a proper understanding of our purpose/ why God has placed us on this earth.

Everyone has different things that gets their attention and that they focus on, And just because this person is focused on this thing, that doesn’t mean that’s what I should also focus on.

Some people are very interested in developing and helping our eco system, while some people are interested in seeing children grow and live a better life, while some others it’s propagating the gospel more than anything else. Irrespective of the fact that what we do must be to please God and glorify the Father. It’s very important we find out want matters to us and we focus on that.

I believe this is what has been moving me the past few weeks to continue with this blog. I’ve had days when I’ve doubted doing this, days when I felt it wasn’t worth it, days when I felt no-one is getting blessed by it. But that’s what matters to me, and even if it’s just one life that is affected, I’ll continue with it, I won’t stop doing this.

What does your heart pant after, what draws your attention the most is what matters to you.

So take out time to locate this, seat down and ask yourself deep and important question. Do not forget that it’s the man DILIGENT in HIS OWN business that will stand before kings and not mere men. Yes there’s a stage where you might have to work for other people either in that field or something else. But make sure you’re developing yourself for where God wants you to be. So when it’s time to move to where God has designed for you, you have the best qualities for your OWN place.

I believe that as we take out time to discover these things, and work with the Holy Spirit to know more about ourselves, we would have a clearer picture of what we are supposed to do here on the earth.

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Till next time ❤

Dormant spirits

Did you know you have some things in you that if we don’t carefully nurture will never produce their full potential and we also have things in us that if we don’t deal with can damage or destroy God’s plan for us.

It’s just like account in a bank that go DORMANT after a while of you not using those account. And then in one day when you need to make use of those accounts, you can always reactivate it. We possess quite a number of gifts, talents, spiritual gifts, that if we don’t do anything about them will remain dormant for as long as we can think.

We need to carefully study God’s word to know what God has placed in each and everyone of us. I know the Bible says that the works that I do shall he do and greater works that this shall you do also. But how many of us are walking in the reality of this verse.

How many of us are walking in this consciousness? Do we live in this truth till it actually becomes our reality.

The Bible also says that greater is he that is in me than he that is in the world. But when challenges and threatening situations come our way do we exercise this right or authority that has been given to us.

Or the verse that says I have given you powder to trample over snakes and scorpions and nothing shall by any means hurt you. Do we even believe this?

I learnt during Shiloh that for us to experience this things. We need to not only know this verses but we need to keep speaking them, working them out, walking in the consciousness of these verse and before long we would see the fruits in our lives.

I’m sure it’s not going to come easy but as we take little steps towards it. In no time we would see the results.

Steps to take.

1. Look for scriptures thay talk about what God has given us. You know He said he has give us all spiritual blessings!!!!!!

2. Receive those scriptures in your mind.

3. Beleive in your heart.

4. Speak the word!!!!!

5. Walk in the consciousness of the work.

6. Work out the demands of the scripture.

7. Believe in God’s capacity to do what he has promised.

I would stop here for now. But later this week I’ll talk about the negative DORMANT spirits that we or some of us possess and we need to constantly work on.

Thanks for reading. Kindly share tour thoughts, corrections. Love you all.